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Developed By -                   Musclebird

Early Access Release Date - October, 28 - 2018

Platforms -                        Steam (MAC / PC) -

also, Google Play but has been removed since.

Website -                 


Campido is a unique card game which challenges your wits, strategy, memory and management skills. The game is set in a fantasy universe, in which humanoid mammals are replacing the regular and normal human characters you are always used to see. Play as the tavern keeper, fight your way through each stage to unlock more unique cards that will change the game, master the skill, buy richer clothing, tavern upgrades and more.

The game has been and is being developed by Ben Rokah, a solo developer which is accompanied by a variety of freelancers.

It has been developed for a 8 months and then released for the mobile and steam store.

It was originally released for the mobile platforms as well but had been intentionally removed from these markets since.



* Discover a unique card game, never seen before by man, dog or cat!

* Be impressed by the unusual fantasy setting!

* Game-Play which is easy to understand, yet hard to master!

* Warm, welcoming tutorial narration by Troy W. Hudson!

* Become addicted to the experience and progression!

* Unlock more unique cards in each stage, which alter / change the regular game!

* Convert your tavern from a cheap and half broken place to a rich and luxurious lot!

* Unlock unique perks which improve your business / change your experience!

* Customize your character!

* Bathe in unique illustrations of characters from the world of Campido.

Key Requests

If you are a reviewer / streamer / influencer of some sort and require a KEY, feel free to contact me via

Note that more art is available, and can be delivered upon request:



Misc Images

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