Waiting For The Raven

Developed By -                   Musclebird

Early Access Release Date - August 13, 2020.

Platforms -                        Steam (MAC / PC)

Website -                           www.musclebirdgames.com


Become Master of Spies, plant connections and agents in the underworld.
To whom will you join? Who may be betrayed? Decipher Letters, Solve Mysteries, Manage Businesses, Spy, Bribe, Abduct, Murder, Seduce, Abuse in an experimental atmospheric hybrid of

first-person & top-down espionage experience.

Waiting For The Raven is experimental in its nature,

mixing game mechanics like:

First Person Puzzle Solving, Letters Cypher Decryption and Research,


a Top Down Strategy Simulation And Management game;

In order to potentially immerse the player a little more with its dark world of intrigue, crime and espionage.


The game has been and is being developed by Ben Rokah, a solo developer which is accompanied by a variety of freelancers.

It has been developed for a year and a half and will be released for Early Access on August 13, 2020.



* Become Master of Spies, plant your connections, associates and agents in the underworld and slowly take control over the city.

* Dispose of your opponents in many clever ways. 

* Bathe in treachery, choose whom to join and whom to betray. 

* Negotiate and manipulate different characters through fully voiced letters.

* Immerse yourself in a unique and chilling atmosphere of mystery.

*  Decrypt & Decipher Secret Letters.

* Solve Puzzles.

* Uncover Mysteries.

* Survive, by keeping your enemies at bay, the constabulary confused and your own lackeys on a short leash.

* Choose your very own path in this hybrid of first-person and top-down experience.

* The many tools in your disposal include treachery, espionage, abduction, influence, murder, schemes, plots, bribes, seduction, even the law. Use and abuse them in any way you fancy.

* Are you a cruel boss of the underworld? Leader of a cult? Greedy and witty businessman? Maybe a secretive spymaster which exists only in rumours of myth? The approach you take may dictate eventually how everyone sees you in this cold-hearted world of espionage and treachery.

Key Requests

If you are a reviewer / streamer / influencer of some sort and require a KEY, feel free to contact me via contact@musclebirdgames.com.

Note that more art is available, and can be delivered upon request:



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